I’m a former journalist who spent her last 5 years on the job covering Women Over 45 — and loving it. But I recently fled the flailing world of newspapers and am writing a book (granted, another questionable industry; but a girl’s gotta trust, right?). My life is in major flux because a daily job has been my focus for so long, not to mention my roommate is selling her house and I don’t know where I’ll live when she soon moves back to Ohio. Does this stuff qualify as good stress or bad stress? Since I’m excited to see what’s around the bend that I can’t yet glimpse, I’m going to call it all good. I’m an optimist, as anyone who knows me will tell you. In other egocentric, blog-like trivia, I’ll mention that I’m originally from Texas (where all my exes live), I adore living in Florida now, have very long hair, am always up for a dare, love dogs, like cats but am allergic, have the best friends on the planet (really, don’t challenge me on this one) and suspect I’ll miss writing for newspapers very much — hence this blog!


4 Responses to “About”

  1. Eva Krischer Says:

    Dear Anne,
    I was so very disappointed to read your last column. It was one of the last few parts of the Post I still enjoyed. Thank you for creating this blog – I never follow them, but I will follow yours. Good luck with your future plans. I look forward to reading your book and discussin g it with my bookclub. I remain your fan, Eva

  2. anoa Says:

    omg anne,
    you will forever be my hero! i want to be like you when i grow up. hate to remind you that you forgot to tell me when that would be or..did i just forget? holla when you get a chance, meanwhile, i’m reading your blog through and through!

    your erstwhile, now middle aged protege,


  3. jolynndeal Says:

    Hi Anne,

    I was preparing for an interview with Dr. Whelihan and in my research came across your blog. What a great idea. I went through what you describe in your About page last March. I was nearing the age of 43 and feeling adventurous but lost. I ended up taking a 6 week cross-country journey (by myself) and blogging the entire trip. My blog was http://www.midlifeunwritten.wordpress.com. There is something so liberating with writing. When other areas of your life might be chaotic, you can be in complete control with your writing. I’ll be following you!

    Jo Lynn

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