Hello everyone — and ugh

So I wanted to make my first blog about something incredibly universal that us women of a certain age all have in common, but I woke up with a migraine, which makes it hard to be smart and creative. Actually, this is the third day in a row for this particular migraine. And though I’m not in pain now, the meds really give me cotton head, so, you know, ugh.

The headache gave me a slow start to the day and I was late getting to work but wasn’t too worried because I had a 4 pm interview and knew I’d be working fairly late. Besides, the cool thing about being in a career for 30+ years is that the people around you give you the benefit of the doubt. They trust you to do your job because you’ve been competent at it year after year. Remember early in your career when you were an agony of nerves all the time, terrified to make a false step or do something foolish and be revealed in all your ignorance? Yeah, me too. Only too well. Those years lasted a looong time.

But they’re over now. In fact, my whole journalism career (with the good years and bad years) is about over — although I still plan to write and have even started a book. Yes, yes, we all have one in us but I’m actually going to try to get mine OUT of me. We’ll see. And I’ll let you know how it goes. When I wrap up my newspaper work I’ll keep a presence here so I don’t lose touch with all my peeps, aka midlife women and maybe a few stray guys.

But ye gods, I just realized that since I’m leaving the only career I know anything about, I’m doomed to repeat that whole novice phase I so airily described just two short paragraphs ago. I’ve been telling myself I’m entering a new phase and all, but I never actually equated it with that whole beginners’ phase where you feel untested, foolish and nervous. I thought it’d just be exciting, challenging, different — all that stuff. Now I’ve flipped over the coin.


Is retirement always going to be this scary?


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6 Responses to “Hello everyone — and ugh”

  1. carol winig Says:

    Retirement my butt! What a genteel way of saying “Budget cuts”. I am sad… but as long as you saved well you will be fine and your book will be great. I am glad you are not leaving PBC as you are a neat asset to this area. God always has reasons for putting us in a particular place at a particular time in our lives. So hop on board and see where the ride takes you next!!


    • annerodgers Says:

      For years, I must have called you once a month for story quotes — and you never got tired of me. What a great asset you were when I was a Postie.
      Glad you’re staying in touch. Tune in and I’ll update my blog with fun details about the book. It’s gonna be racy, educational and most of all — fascinating! I promise.

  2. JolieAnne Says:

    I agree with what Carol said…retirement from the Post just means they cannot afford you. But imagine how sad we are to know that you are not going to be in the Post anymore! I have seen so many before you leave but we never knew what happened to them. At least you will have a blog about your new book, that is so cool! I am excited to see what else you will write about. I love Blogs and you probably know there is a blog about almost everything possible!
    I, for one, am hooked on decorating blogs…and a lot of them have shops on Etsy.com. Enjoy the days when you don’t have to jump out of bed for the alarm clock, or drive to work! Best Wishes.

    • annerodgers Says:

      Decorating blogs! Now you’ve got me interested in those! I gotta check some out now.
      Thanks so much for the best wishes. You make me feel optimistic, hopeful and confident. What a gift!

  3. Sonja Says:

    When I retired from teaching at Glades Central four years ago, I didn’t know what to expect. There wasn’t a day of my thirty-five years of teaching that I didn’t love to go to school. But guess what? There are new vistas out there for you. I’ve taken several online writing courses, lead a book discussion group for the library, teach a comp class at the community college, travel, and dress up as Raggedy Ann to read to children at the pumpkin patch. Life is exciting for me, and it will be for you too.
    Even though I’ve recently had surgery for breast cancer, nothing has gotten me down. Retirement is an exciting adventure. There are so many choices to make.
    Writing, as you know, is hard work, but I know you will succeed with your book. Set aside time to write each day, and then explore the world. I’m looking forward to reading your publication.
    Sonja Lutz

    • annerodgers Says:

      What a lovely letter. And what an amazing retirement you have orchestrated. You’ve truly opened the new vistas you described. Thanks so much for writing. It’s very uplifting to me to know someone as positive as you is watching my progress.
      Best, Anne

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